About DMARC reporting and FBL

While we continue to merge the AOL and Yahoo infrastructure under the OATH umbrella, we wanted to share an update on how this will affect DMARC and FBL reporting.

As we work through updating our MX records, domains which will point to the new record will cease to produce DMARC reports coming from the AOL side. Instead they will now be included in the reports currently produced by Yahoo. We will improve those as well over the next weeks while we work towards our goal of starting the actual mailbox migration.

Once that migration has started, FBL reports will change as well. While AOL mailboxes are still served by the AOL infrastructure, FBL reports will continue to come from the AOL side. Once a mailbox has been migrated, FBL reports will come from Yahoo. So we recommend subscribing to both while we consolidate our infrastructure.

We'll share more as we progress through this project. If you encounter any issues, don't hesitate and reach out to our postmaster team at https://postmaster.aol.com.